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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingSeptember 13 - September 19, 2017

Cultivating a Polished Image


Many of the companies featured here on the Tow Illustrated page of, since I've been writing, have covered the graphics and scenes of larger tow truck companies. Why? Part of the reason, I believe, is that good to great graphics on a tow truck makes an impact both on building a brand and standing out in the marketplace, something that bigger tow companies seem to recognize and foster. Thus the pride a company takes in their graphics feeds the bottom line and elevates the company to greater success.

At Willie's Towing in Austell, Ga., with more than 30 trucks in their fleet, and graphics that are uniform across the board, they seem to know this instinctually.

"Everyone knows our trucks by the graphics," said owner Willie Polston.

Willie's has been in business for more than 30 years. About 20 miles west of Atlanta, they are kept busy in part by the traffic of the big city and its congested roadway, I-20, their reliability and the polished image they have cultivated through their memorable and compelling graphics.

One truck that stands out in their fleet is a 2012 C300 Kenworth with a 21' Century bed. The name Willie's, which is written on each door of the truck, is striking with red lettering and a silver chrome shadow blending against the black body, as shiny as the ebony keys of a piano.

At the front of each truck, on the right side, is a number.

"Each one of the trucks is numbered so that we know what unit we're talking about. It's easier to say to a tower, 'Go out and get truck 35 and go to the scene,' than it is to try to describe one of several flatbeds in our fleet, which are different sizes," said Polston. Below the number, a checkered-flag strip with a streak of red over it adds the final stroke bringing the snazzy and sleek graphics together, creating that polished image.

As one may be encouraged to dress for success, one might say that dressing up one's tow truck is a form of success-building, one of the details necessary to race ahead of the competition and set oneself apart.

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Going 'Big' in Texas

0 003e2George L. Nitti

In Texas, everyone knows that size counts. Everything's "bigger in Texas," and that includes the size of the graphics one might find on a tow truck.

Drawing on this quintessential Texas idiom is Speedway Towing in Whitney, with its oversized logo on their 1998 Kenworth T300 chassis with a 20-ton Century 4024 body.

For a tow truck, going "big" ensures that it's spotted from afar. In large orange/neon reflective lettering, the name Speedway can't be mistaken or missed as it pops out due to its sheer size.

"We wrapped it real big as I was going for that Texas 'theme,' " said Speedway owner Jerry Moore. "The wrap was done by 517 Designs, one of our local businesses which I like to support. I wanted to make sure that our name stood out."

Under the Speedway lettering, the word "Towing" stands out composed of a diamond-plated gray-themed design with a shadow of reflective neon, giving it pop and contrast.

The racing stripes next to the Texas-sized lettering correspond with the company name. Adding more flavor, the unit's predominantly red, white and blue colors stand out; as does the state flag, where its lone white star shines through as a background to the lettering.

"When we go up to Dallas and Fort Worth," Moore said, "people take pictures of it all of the time. Also, at Lake Whitney, the getaway capital of Texas where we are three miles away, it draws attention. In the summer there is quite of bit of tourism and weekenders that keep us busy."

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