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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJanuary 18 - January 24, 2017

Airbrushed Flames Accentuate New Flatbed

0 e2d49By George Nitti

Flames on tow trucks are a popular theme, even with companies that don't specialize in towing. A-Rite Auto Parts of New Briton, Conn., is one such company. Owned by William Genovese, part of their business is focused on selling and delivering used auto body parts throughout southern New England.

They recently traded in their old white non-descript flatbed and purchased a 2015 International TerraStar with a Jerr-Dan 21' NGAF aluminum carrier. Named "Ghostrider," the truck is emblazoned with flames and used to transport salvaged vehicles.

"The boss wanted to turn some heads with the new design, so he had flames painted on it," said Melissa Gravelle, office manager.

A-Rite's flame-themed graphics were airbrushed rather than wrapped.

"Chet Maura Custom Creations did the airbrushing on short notice, working three days straight and spent hours with the colors," Gravelle said. "We think he did an awesome job."

"I was under a lot of pressure to get the job done in such a short period of time. The work is all freehand and very painstaking," said Maura.

"You hold the airbrush like a pencil or pen and a fine amount of paint comes out," he said. "I used bigger air brushes than I normally do in order to get a realistic style of fire flame and used templates and followed the organic shape of the flame while I was airbrushing."

Maura used red, orange, yellow and white as the truck's colors. The process began with drawing the flames in white on top of the black background and then adding the other colors on top of each other. Maura learned the process by studying other artists and watching YouTube videos.

Look closely, and you'll see the initials of Maura's company imprinted on top of a small skull.

The company motto states "Vehicle's first ride is as good as its last!! We believe every vehicle should go out with a blaze!!"

One could add the words "of glory" on this Jerr-Dan/International flatbed.

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Powerful Colors Accent Rotator

0 ccfe0By George L. Nitti

The sharp-looking rotators of 2017 are making their presence felt, such as the one being used by C&L Towing and Heavy Hauling of East Hanover, N.J. Delivered at the 2016 American Towman Exposition in Baltimore by Miller Industries, their 2017 Kenworth T880-HX/Century 1075 rotator pushes the limits of innovation.

"They keep getting better," owner Charlie Napoli said. "The outriggers have been changed. The electronics have scales that determine the weight of the recovery. A second lightbar makes it sleeker looking. We love them. It's our third purchase in two years."

The primary color of the unit is forest green, helping it stand out from the crowd.

"All of our units are forest green," Napoli said. "When I started the business in 1984, that was the color of my first tow truck. It wasn't a very popular color, which is part of the reason I've stuck with it. That helps it stand out."

On top of the forest green are several complementary yellow and red stripes to accent the unit.

"In the past it was just a red stripe, but we have added yellow," said Napoli. "It helps it stand out more."

The outriggers and the safety tape found at the back of the unit coordinate with the overall color schematic. The all-yellow boom with the C&L logo looks particularly powerful.

Finally, the corporate name, C&L, is written in several areas including the side of the unit, the boom and on top of the hood.

The colors have helped C&L stand out to make it one of New Jersey's larger towing companies, with several locations, four body shops and 40-plus units in their fleet.

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