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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMarch 29 - April 04, 2017

Mountain Man on Hillbilly Truck


At the American Towman Exposition this year in Baltimore, the American Wrecker Pageant showcased many wonderful trucks. One truck that got kudos—but didn't place—was a 2014 Kenworth with Century 1140 rotator, recently purchased by Hillbilly Truck Repair in Fairmont, W.V.

"We bought the truck from Matheny Motors. Razor Graphics of Fredericksburg, Virginia, did the wrap," said manager Preston Todd. "We have been in business for 30 years. The company was started by Harry and Betty Woods, my parents-in-law. We did truck repair before we did towing. First we sub-letted a lot of towing out. Then we decided it was income we should keep."

At the center of this pristine blue and white truck is a cartoon character typifying the stereotype of a "hillbilly," not exactly what you would expect on a state-of-the-art rotator. On the hood, you will find a guy with a scraggly beard, moonshine in one hand, with no shoes, wearing a pair of pants on the short side. The font is loose and reads Hillbilly Truck Repair, helping to carry out the theme.

With their fleet of 12 trucks, Hillbilly is keeping very busy, in part due to the natural gas boom occurring on the Marcellus Shale, a region extending down from New York through the Appalachian Trail into the heart of West Virginia.

"We are in a good location. Fairmont is near I-79 and we have benefitted from all of the work on the shale."

Preston is looking forward to driving the Kenworth.

"The Kenworth is very comfortable to drive. ... I could drive this truck to California and still be comfortable."

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Stellar Wrap Makes Unit Pop!

0 821baBy George L. Nitti

In July 2015, Autohaus Towing of Sherwood, Ore., brought their silver-based 2000 Kenworth W900/ Holmes DTU to wrap specialist PDX Wraps.

According to PDX Communication Liaison Alex Hanlon, "Wraps have really started to hit the mainstream. Today, it is insane what you can do. Your possibilities are endless."

Hanlon was referring to the wide variety of color films and reflective lettering that are available, the larger printing formats such as the 64"-wide printer, cutting-edge software and a new breed of graphic designers who have embraced new technology.

The red, white and black wraps created for Autohaus are stunning examples of cutting-edge technology.

"When they came to us they wanted something clean and sharp, industrial-like," Hanlon said.

Part of the design process drew on the taste of Autohaus owner Keith Fisher, who brought in some photos of muscle cars and old-school hot rods he's owned in the past.

"There's a scalloped effect we created at the front end of the Kenworth which pulls your eye towards it," Hanlon said, "just like in the sharp lines you will find on race cars."

In the powerful and gigantic diagonal logo of Autohaus on the sides of the unit, "the edges are beveled making it look 3-D," Hanlon said. "What also makes it unique is that we welded the 'T,' 'H,' and 'O' together. You are not going to miss it when towing a motor home. You can see the unit a mile away."

A brushed texture effect, reflective lettering around the logo and complementary colors also help this unit pop.

Visibility of graphics should be a key consideration for anyone wrapping their units.

"Small businesses are difficult to advertise," Scanlon said, "but your tow trucks can get thousands of impressions out on the road, multiplied by the number of trucks you have in your fleet. Over time, people will call because they have seen your truck and remember it."

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