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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJuly 26 - August 01, 2017

Tribute Truck to First Responders

ATRN 5a7c3By George L. Nitti

Towers, police and firefighters work hand-in-hand on a daily basis. All have tragic stories of comrades lost in the line of duty. Many tow companies have dedicated trucks in memory to those first responders whose lives have been lost.

In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a community 30 miles east of Spokane, Wash., ATRN Towing and Recovery recently devoted their 2008 Ford F-450 with Century flatbed and Sneeker wheel-lift to the cause.

Owner Matt Mayo was moved to act when a school resource teacher he had in middle school was killed in 2014. Greg Moore, a police sergeant, had been one of three in the community that had fallen in the line of duty since 1998; Mayo decided to extend the tribute to those other officers as well.

The Ford/Century is a rich navy blue and includes many outstanding graphic elements, one of which is the "Thin Blue Line" American Flag emblazoned on the hood of the truck, which represents those men and women willing to give their life for the peace and harmony of the community they serve.

The wrap, created by CW Wraps in Post Falls, also features the "Guns 'n Hoses" logo used during fundraisers showing a police officer, a firefighter and the call numbers for Moore; former CPD Officer Michael Kralicek who survived being shot; and late Idaho State Police Trooper Linda Huff.

On the boom of the truck is the phrase, "All gave some; Some gave a lot," and on the back a metal plate that states, "Gone but not Forgotten" and Moore's K27 call number. Poetry also adorns the back end.

The company name on the side door protrudes from a graphic of cutout metal. All of these complex elements come together to form a suitable tribute to first responders.

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Contrasting Mix of Tribal Flames

1 31c7eBy George L. Nitti

Jeremy Beveridge, owner of A&M Auto Repair and Towing in Locust Grove, Virginia, has always been a fan of flame-themed trucks. One of his favorites includes the company's 2016 Ford F-550/Jerr-Dan MPL-40 twin-line self-loader.

"It's pretty simple why I went with flames. They make your truck look hot and cool," he said.

Beveridge started his business in 2010 and since then has added several more trucks to his fleet. His consistent approach to decorating his units has them all wrapped with flames and the same color schematic.

"Representation means everything," he said. "You want to have nice equipment. There is a lot of competition in this area. You don't want to be towing a $50,000 car on a $5,000 truck. Your customers will go elsewhere."

Sharp-looking graphics go a long way to enhance the perceived value of a truck. This F-550 is completely wrapped, executed by Razor Graphics, and stands out, partly because of the blue-and-white flames on the hood and the contrasting orange, white, gray and black flames on the side of the wrecker.

Adding to the truck's superior graphics is its pristine cleanliness.

"I make sure our trucks stay clean and always look good. Every Thursday they are detailed, washed and waxed," Beveridge said.

The 22" American Force wheels and tinted windows add appeal as well.

"The wheels cost me $7,000 for the set," he said.

The modern logo on the truck's side is printed on a vinyl diamond plate and blends with "Auto Repair and Towing" just underneath on a black background.

"We do more auto repair than towing at our shop," Beveridge said. " 'A' stands for Alyssa and 'M' stands for MacKenzie. The company was named after my daughters."

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Should your truck be featured here? Send a few pics and your contact information to the editor at You might even be selected to go in print, too, in American Towman magazine!
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