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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingOctober 17 - October 23, 2018

Thick-Skinned Wrap of the Grim Reaper

0 a2fd1By George Nitti

Some jobs require you to project a tough image, such as in the world of car repossession. You might say it goes along with the territory. The repossessor is seen as the bad guy, who, to protect himself, develops a thick skin.

One form that "thick skin" may take is in the wrap of your truck.

Joey Frazier, owner of Hide-n-Seek Towing and Recovery in Augusta, Ga., projects his tough image through his truck, a 2015 Ford F-450 four-door extended cab with a Vulcan 812. It's wrapped with an intense Grim Reaper who has a Darth Vader-shaped head, large green protruding eyes and a wide-open skeletal mouth.

Scary, indeed! The Reaper also clutches, with its large sinewy fingers, two sharp J-hooks firmly in each hand. On the hood, the knuckles of the reaper spell it out: Game Over, with other sharp tools and reaper-like artifacts dangling to add more fear.

Skulls and a graveyard setting add ambiance. It's enough to scare about anyone, especially at night when the Reaper's luminous eyes glow.

"People hate to see the repo man," said Frazier. "So the image of the Grim Reaper kind of fits the image of who people think we are."

Another compelling graphic is the name of the company, which stands out on the side. It's written in a spooky font, its green color as luminescent as the eyes of the Grim Reaper.

Frazier explained the company name Hide-n-Seek Towing and Recovery came about when he and a friend were joking around one evening, trying to think of potential names for their company.

"People would hide on us, and what do we do? We seek them out," Frazier said.

The graphics were done by Communi Graphics, out of North Augusta, S.C., and took approximately a month to complete. Special features include air horns, which make it sound like a train, strobe lights and four cameras on constant record. The Vulcan body is another asset which, according to Frazier, "has exceeded expectations."

Although a tough skin is what it takes to do repo work, Frazier reveals that he has a kind heart.

"This work can be very frustrating. For example, it's not fun seeing a grown woman cry," he said. "I don't judge them for the situation they are in. I've actually been there myself."

Perhaps the best ending?

"Some of my friends I met repo'ing their cars."

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Slick Design with Modern, Industrial Feel

0 b40e1By George L. Nitti

Often times what one envisions and what turns out to be are drastically different, especially in graphic design.

For Heath Compton, owner of All-Star Towing & Recovery in Decatur, Alabama, while he didn't get the design he submitted, he was nevertheless happy with the end result.

"I told my guy (Blair Barnes of Barnes Sign Company) what I wanted," Compton said, "and sent him three different pictures; but after the design was done, it was quite different from what I expected. I was pleased, though, with his work."

Compton, who always wanted to have his trucks wrapped, had his 2008 Dodge 5500/Chevron 19' flatbed wrapped a year and a half ago, drawing on the talents of Barnes, who uses a combination of skills to create an eye-popping design.

The wrap stands out with its cohesive color scheme, bringing together green, gray, silver and blue with gradients created across each color scheme.

The final result is a slick, sharp-looking wrap that has a modern, industrial feel.

"We get a lot of wonderful comments on it," Compton said. "Everybody seems to like it. My guy has gotten a lot of business off of it, I can tell you that much."

The All Star name is written in large blue letters and aptly sits on a star. Contrasting fonts accentuate the All Star name while highlighting other lettering.

But the design features Barnes brought to the table that signified the biggest departure from Compton's vision were the arrow shapes found on the back of the bed and the side of the truck.

"I like the arrows. It also makes people move over and to be aware of the Move Over laws."

Intended or not, sometimes our expectations are exceeded in the hands of a good designer.

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