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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingFebruary 22 - February 28, 2017
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Da Beast and Da Bucket

0 3abfeby Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

RoadMasters Towing & Recovery in Hampstead, N.C., is a family owned and operated company started by Chris Savoury in 2014. They are a towing and roadside assistance provider within a 150-mile radius of Hampstead, serving an area from Wilmington to Jacksonville.

On Jan. 11, 2017, RoadMasters received a call from a local construction company to recover a bucket truck and a piece of equipment stuck in the mud in Hampstead.

"Their bucket truck had taken a turn into soft mud," Savoury said, "and sank to its rear axles while attempting to make a U-turn. They brought in a Bobcat skid-steer to try to push it out, and the Bobcat got stuck, so they called us. Funny thing is, I had randomly stopped at their office the day before to drop off our flier and some business cards."

Savoury, along with Chris Jr., Kayla, and Kenny Savoury went to the scene. They responded in "Da Beast," a 1999 Oshkosh M1070 HET (heavy equipment transporter) that Chris had recently added to the fleet. It's equipped with two 55,000-lbs. DP winches and one 4,000-lbs. auxiliary winch to pull main cables out to casualties.

"We used this truck on the first day we got it, a few months ago," Savoury said. "It is eight-wheel drive, has rear-wheel steering and has the ability to air the tires for mud, sand, snow and highway."

Arriving on scene, they found the fully loaded bucket/chip truck stuck in about 2'-3' of heavy, slick mud with the Bobcat skid-steer stuck behind where it had attempted to remove the stuck truck.

They first positioned Da Beast in front of the bucket truck.

"We utilized one of Da Beast's two 55,000-pound DP winches equipped with 1-inch line. The winch line was attached via an endless loop around the only attachment point available, which was the front axle of the bucket truck. We winched the bucket truck out and removed it from the mud without any damage."

Savoury and crew then turned their attention to the Bobcat skid-steer. The attachment point they used, was the tie-down eye at the front of the machine. It also came out with little effort, thanks to Da Beast.

The bucket truck was driven away under its own power, and the skid-steer was loaded onto the customer's trailer.

"Da Beast is the largest privately owned off-road recovery vehicle, that I know of, in North Carolina," Savoury said. "We have a ton of people that get stuck on the beach and in the game lands, and also in very soft ground like this one and Da Beast can handle it all. We have since done four tows for this customer. All from just stopping in to make them aware of our services. Persistence pays."

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