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New series focused on individuals in the state’s towing industry
Company produces new towing transporter
Virginia repo agent receiving outpouring of support
Company’s “billboard and image” roams the expansive West
Self-built carrier gets one from 150’ down a hill
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Tom Luciano and John Hawkins from Miller Industries will be on hand to conduct the Sunshine State Towing Association’s Ultra Heavy-Duty Training, Jan. 30-Feb.1. The training is sponsored by Miller Industries and Crouch Tow Trucks.

HD Training in Florida [b]from Miller, Crouch

The Sunshine State Towing Association will be hosting an Ultra Heavy-Duty Training Jan. 30-Feb. 1. Miller Industries and Crouch Tow Trucks will sponsor the all-inclusive (meals and materials) three-day training that will take place at Crouch's Orlando, Florida, location.

The training, conducted by Tom Luciano and John Hawkins of Miller Industries, will cover the latest techniques in towing and recovery and include hands-on and classroom sessions.

The RISC-recognized course will demonstrate new Miller equipment; other vendors will be on-hand as well. More information and additional extras to be included with the packages will soon be available at and


Towman Tripp Killed Roadside

Thomas Tripp, a long-time employee of Mike's Wrecker Service in Saginaw, Michigan, was struck and killed by a suspected drunken driver Jan. 10, police say.

Tripp was loading a car onto his flatbed, helping a woman with a flat tire that couldn't be repaired roadside. A 49-year-old woman in a Jeep Cherokee ran over him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bill Giorgis, the owner of Mike's Wrecker Service, said his "heart sank when he heard that a towman had been hit on Dixie Highway. "We knew we had a driver in the area," Giorgis said. "When the police called us and there is an accident involving a towman, and they weren't sure if it was us or not, we immediately headed down there and we realized it was Tom."

The death was a huge shock to everyone at the shop. Thomas Tripp is the first Mike's Wrecker Service employee killed on the job since the company opened for business more than 60 years ago.

The woman was arrest on suspicion of being intoxicated.


New CTTA Video/Podcast Programs

The California Tow Truck Association's Digital Productions department has created a brand new video/podcast series focused on individuals in the state's towing industry.

Interviews with CTTA President Terry Warford Jr., Sam Johnson of Capitol City Automotive/Blue Collar Guy, CTTA Light Duty Instructor Peter Fuerst, and the general counsel/lobby team at Ellison Wilson Advocacy are currently posted on the site, as well as tutorials and online training.

Programs are available via YouTube, Soundcloud, podcast as well as an interview page set up at the CTTA website.


Alderman Not a [b]Fan of Towing

The City Council's License Committee in Chicago, Illinois, recently approved the 21.4-percent fee hike for private booters, raising the maximum removal fee for those empowered to operate in 30 of Chicago's 50 wards from $140 to $170 per vehicle.

The ordinance was championed by First Ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno.

"I'd rather have booting than towing. It's easier and quicker to get your car back than it is if you're towed," said Moreno.

"I don't want tow trucks," he said. "More trucks on the street. More emissions in the air. Bad for environmental policy. And if I've parked illegally, I'd rather be able to deal with the boot in 10 minutes than have to go find my car, pay more money to the towing companies."

Pressed to justify the $30 increase, Moreno said, "They're competing with the towing companies. The question should be, why do the towing companies get $220 or $230 to pull your car up in the air and drive it down my streets and then my constituents have to go find it and pay a higher fee."


Company Helps Feed [b]Needy Families

Star Body Works and Star 24 Hour Towing of Medford, Oregon, donated salvaged fruits and vegetables to ACCESS a community action agency that provides food and services to low income families in the Jackson County area.

The food was salvaged from an overturned truck crash that happened on New Year's Day. ACCESS received 12 palettes of food, estimated at 5,000 to 6,000 pounds from the tow company/body shop.

"When we got there, there was a spill all over everywhere but we were able to salvage 12 palettes which is quite an amazing amount. I would say that's somewhere in the region of 5,000 to 6,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables," said ACCESS Nutrition Programs Director Philip Yates. He added that it was an "extra bonus" for the agency as there are not as many fresh fruits and vegetables during this time of the year.

Star 24 Hour Towing said the non-salvageable produce will be donated to a pig farmer.


Situation Stresses [b]'Move Over'

Every year, the South Dakota Highway Patrol stresses the importance of the Move Over law that requires people to slow down and move over when driving past parked emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

A video taken recently showed the danger if you don't. It was captured by a charter bus on I-29.

"Motorists get interrupted with their cellphones or phone calls or not always paying attention or whatever it is and something like this happens," said Steve Heyn, owner of Steve's Tire & Service in Chester.

Heyn said he felt sick when he first watched a video showing a car launching up onto one of his tow trucks.

The tower was in the median, working to pull a stuck vehicle out of the snow. Luckily, he wasn't hurt.

"He was a little shook up; I mean, he was pretty wound up when he got back. He, thank God, was not on it or near it," said Heyn.

Heyn says this video is a perfect example of why the Move Over law is in place and why it's so important.

"No one wants to slow down or get over, and we're out there all the time and until you experience it you really don't know."

Troopers haven't found the person who drove up onto the truck.

"It ended and he backed off and continued on his way," said Heyn.

But Heyn says his message to that driver is simple.

"Move over and those lights are flashing for a reason you know? We just all when we go out want to go home to our family or our kids at the end of the day, so just slow down."

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