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Driver hopes unique truck will tell his story
DOT-compliant kit seal pipes from the inside
Two-day San Antonio confab to cover certification, laws, ...
2015 flatbed recalls '80s TV show with design
Null's responds with rotators for an overturned dump truck
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August 13-15, 2015
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Two upcoming municipal towing seminars moderated by AutoReturn's John Borowski will take place at Tow Expo International in San Antonio, Texas during the weekend of August 13-15. In "Why Do I Need a Contract?" Borowski will explore why towers and police should have contracts in place in order to define roles and expectations. Steps on how to obtain a municipal contract will also be discussed. "Keeping Your Municipality Happy" will give tips on how to make and keep your municipality happy with the service you provide.

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A 2-1/2-mile procession of tow trucks honors long-time California towman Richard “Dick” Sgarlato on July 24.
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