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Using snatch blocks to change the direction of the force is a benefit that is often needed at a recovery scene. Moving the casualty around obstacles or to a location other than to the tow truck is often required. American Towman Field Editor Terry Abejuela's Changing Direction of Force with Snatch Blocks seminar will focus on anchoring techniques and how line angles affect block loads. This seminar will take place during the American Towman Show Place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., May 11-13.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingFebruary 10 - February 16, 2016

Calif. TIM Course Can Be Taken Online

Tow Industry Week Operations Editor Randall Resch has confirmed with California Highway Patrol in Sacramento, Calif., that state rotation towers and tow companies may satisfy Traffic Incident Management training requirements by taking the four-hour TIM course online.

Resch said that CHP prefers participation in the live training courses, but will accept a Certificate of Completion and formal registration with the Federal Highway Administration as evidence of completion of online training.

"This is a huge advantage to all towers and no excuse for companies to not ensure towers are TIM-trained," Resch said. "You are responsible for getting yourself or your company's drivers trained."

Rotation towers are required to be TIM-trained by July 1. More information is available at the National Highway Institute website,

TRAO Working on [b]HB 341

The Towing and Recovery Association of Ohio has been working closely with key legislative members on a state bill designed to simplify various processes and set fees.

While not yet a law, the association said HB 341 will bring to the table many positive things for the towing industry, including:

• An easier and more-timely manner for towers to process and obtain a "for destruction only" title on vehicles that have a much lower value than previously allowed.

• A new process to assist towers in cleaning up storage lots for vehicle disposal.

• Allows for towers applying for titles to deduct the towing charge as well as limited storage fees from the value of the vehicle.

• Provide an increase in the existing towing and storage fees that towers are currently charging. This will grant the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio the authority to review those fees every five years and increase those fees based on the consumer price index.

• Establish permissible fees that towers can charge for the retrieval of personal items from a vehicle after business hours.


Safety Vision's Observer 4000

SafetyVisionObserver4000 f7267The Observer 4000 focuses on the most critical task: reliable digital video recording. It has a secondary SD card that can either duplicate the primary SD card or function as a secondary storage device, offering up to 256 GB of main storage. A USB port on the front of the recorder allows you to transfer configurations, download video clips, and update firmware quickly and easily. Come see this and other Safety Vision offerings at the American Towman Show Place taking place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. May 11-13, 2016.
By Don Lomax
To Repo or No Repo?
I do repo work under a separate company name
I occasionally do a repo job with my towing business
I wouldn't touch repo with a 10-foot pole
I do mostly repo work

Taking Initiative

Towers are increasingly taking the lead related to their dealings with law enforcement. Last week, I talked about the efforts of the Yellowstone Valley (Mont.) Tow Truck Association. This week, it's California towers who took the initiative to be able to get TIM-certified online.

"That bit of news is BIG news for California towers as the California Highway Patrol was initially playing hardball saying no online training," said American Towman/Tow Industry Week Operations Editor Randall Resch. "But, because of lack of availability of instructors and live classes, they lightened up so at least towers would get some kind of training."

Let's hope this activity continues throughout 2016.
--Charles Duke
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Rotation towers in California may now take the required Traffic Incident Management course online. The training is required for all towers serving California law enforcement, and must be completed by July 1.
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