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Bobcat, rear axles get stuck in soft North Carolina mud
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Lake Co., Ill. commissioners inviting all companies to apply
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingFebruary 22 - February 28, 2017

Va. May Stop Second Signature

The Virginia Senate has approved a measure to stymie efforts by the Arlington County Board to require local property owners to obtain a second signature when towing illegally parked vehicles. The upper house of the general assembly voted 31-9 on Feb. 20 in support of not requiring the second signature. Arlington previously voted to impose such a requirement on property owners, although it put it on hold to give business owners and the towing industry a chance to suggest guidelines. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
Robert Unruh

Crash Kills Towman in N.M.

New Mexico State Police officers responded to a fatal crash Sunday afternoon that killed Robert Unruh of All Rite Towing in Tucumcari. The preliminary investigation revealed that an 80-year-old man was driving west on I-40 when he hit Unruh, 37, with his car. Unruh, who was assisting in towing a commercial motor vehicle when he was hit, died at the scene. Unruh was the son of Linda Unruh, owner of All Rite Towing, and a former American Towman Ace Award and American Towman Municipal Award winner. No additional information was available at press time and the crash is still under investigation. Source:

PERC Launches Newsletter

The Propane Education & Research Council is launching a new e-newsletter for transportation professionals interested in propane autogas. The Autogas Refuel will be a quarterly digest providing information to propane autogas fleets. "The Autogas Refuel will provide thoughtful material relevant to fleet owners and managers, whether they currently have propane autogas vehicles in their fleet or if they're just now considering transitioning their vehicles," said Michael Taylor, director of autogas business development. Source:
Crash Kills Towman in N.M.
Robert Unruh ,37, of All Rite Towing killed in Tucumcari
Va. May Stop Second Signature
Va. Senate votes 31-9 to stop measure being imposed by Arlington County
PERC Launches Newsletter
Newsletter will focus on propane autogas issues and news

Towman Fights [b]'Felon' Ban

Pulaski County (Ark.) Circuit Judge Chris Piazza urged a tower and Arkansas State Police to try to work out their differences on how the agency chooses wrecker services, while he decides over the next month whether to throw out the driver's lawsuit against the agency.

At issue is the legality of the state police practice of refusing to use wrecker drivers who have felony convictions.

The agency maintains that the prohibition is necessary to ensure the public's confidence in towers that troopers call to assist them.

Piazza questioned whether state police have imposed a regulation on wrecker drivers that's beyond what the law allows.

Police attorney Mary Claire McClaurin told the judge that state police are entitled to set standards for towers that troopers call to wreck sites.

She said the lawsuit should be thrown out because the police are protected by sovereign immunity.

Attorney Bob Newcomb, representing Steven James Gafner of Steve's Auto Center of Conway, said his client is entitled to sue because he's been harmed by the agency's rule.

Gafner sued the state police in September after the agency refused to put him on its rotation list for Faulkner County.

Gafner is asking the judge to order the state police to end the felon ban, to put Gafner on the rotation and to develop a procedure for considering driver applications on a case-by-case basis.

The prohibition of all felons, no matter how long ago they were convicted, violates Gafner's constitutional right to due process and contradicts Arkansas' policy on reforming felons, Newcomb said.

Steve's Auto meets all of the requirements set by the state Towing and Recovery Board, which regulates the industry.

Gafner, 47, has been a towman for 20 years and has worked for other police departments during that time, Newcomb said. His parole ended in 2005, the attorney said.

Dynamic Radius Rotating Flatbed
American Towman TV • Emily Oz Reports • February 22 - February 28, 2017

Vision: The Seed [b]of Creativity

Every aspect of this industry got started with a common trait: vision.

Someone had a vision to build the first tow truck. Someone realized that all jobs weren't the same and had the vision to build other versions of tow trucks, such as carriers and rotators.

Some had a vision to join towmen together to share and discuss common interests, thus organizations and associations were born.

Others wanted to do this line of work, but they needed to be taught how—someone had the vision to train future towers and training programs were created.

As it grew bigger and the need for information of and about the industry came to pass, some had the vision to create media such as magazines and, later, online publications.

Vision was on-hand when the need was felt to bring the entire industry together through education and a centralized marketplace—thus tow shows and expositions were born.

No matter the creation, it all blooms from a seed of vision.

What vision do you have? It might just be the seed you need to plant to cultivate something bigger and better in this world.
--Charles Duke
Editor: Charles Duke
Managing Editor: Brendan Dooley
ATTV Editor & Anchor: Emily Oz
Communications Manager: Helen Gutfreund
Advertising Sales: William Burwell
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Site Progr., Graphics & Video: Ryan Oser
ATTV Technical Production: OMG National
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Tow Business Editor: Don Archer
Tow Illustrated Editor: George L. Nitti


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