Rolling Thunder

Last week at the Florida Tow Show, Miller Industries caused quite a commotion when it unveiled its new Century 1150R rolling rotator models. Both prototypes were on display (and already sold). 

“This is one of the most tested booms ever done,” said John Hawkins, Miller heavy-duty specialist, during the introduction demo. “The subframe is unlike any other in the industry.”

The 1150 boom was designed and extensively tested over a two-year period for a military project where reach and strength of the boom, and a reduced weight, were critical. The greaseless, self-cleaning roller system allows the operator to travel the boom up to 60” on the newly designed subframe, even allowing the operator the ability to stop and start the travel under heavy loads.

The patent-pending 1150R’s traveling technology is available with the four-stage front and rear “H” Beam outriggers and HHU underlift or four-stage rear outriggers, SDU-4 underlift and a 50,000-lbs. deck winch.

The units also feature a patent-pending Raptor Wireless Proportional control system that features precision fingertip control of the functions using rotating joysticks and an information screen with load-sensing functions (

Look for more on the 1150R in our June issue.
By Don Lomax
GPS Usage:
I don't use GPS: (Answers 1-3)
I've got GPS for my tow trucks and find that: (Answers 4-6)
1) We operate 1-5 trucks. GPS is not worth the expense.
2) We operate six or more trucks but don't see the need for GPS.
3) I don't really know what GPS is or how it applies to towing.
4) We use GPS reports as a management tool; the benefits are many.
5) We don't use all the intelligence GPS provides management; still the cost is justified.
6) I can't say that GPS is worth the expense.

I'll Return

I'll Return is the title of the new "towman ballad" recorded by Mike Corbin on his new album-cd, The Road Calls. The song salutes first responders, particularly fire fighters and towers. It pays tribute to the risks associated with the work first responders do and the spouses who bear the burden of not knowing if their loved ones will ever return once they walk out that door to take the call. Corbin & the Boys will be performing I'll Return and other original songs at the South Point Casino Showroom, May 15th, the evening before the American Towman ShowPlace opens its doors in Las Vegas.

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The boom on the new Century 1150R was designed and extensively tested over a two-year period for a military project where reach and strength of the boom, and a reduced weight, were critical.
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