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The "Disaster Force" conference at this year's American Towman Exposition will convene a panel to discuss the special considerations that towing companies must be aware of in disaster related work. The conference will cover how to assess fees for disaster work, communication with FEMA, law enforcement, other first responders and more. The American Towman Exposition will take place November 19-22 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingAugust 26 - September 01, 2015

Show Bolsters [b]Texas Tow Industry

The successful draw to San Antonio for the recent Tow Expo Int'l not only benefitted the 100 plus industry suppliers who exhibited, and not only the thousands of towers who attended, but the industry at large in Texas. "The show," said Southwest Tow Operators Executive Director Tommy Anderson, "provided education to help towers be more successful and more professional. And our legislative meetings, well attended, helped update towers on what they need to know to be compliant with the state's laws regulating the towing industry. Once again this was an important event for the Texas towing industry."
Tow Expo International Gallery

'Getting Paid' at [b]AT Exposition

The Getting Paid by the Motor Clubs Conference was a hit in Las Vegas, and looks to be even better in Baltimore this November. The Conference will feature presentations from eight of the towing industry's motor clubs: Agero, Allstate Roadside Services, Coach-Net, FleetNet, GEICO, Nation Safe Drivers, Road America and USAC/MD. They will speak to towing companies on how to expedite payments as well as the specifics on how to get paid. The participating motor clubs will discuss what is required, time frames, proper invoicing procedures and other pertinent information.

Luis Chacon of Chacon Towing and Roadside Assistance in Atascosa, Texas, attended the Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year. He said he enjoyed the opportunity to talk face-to-face with motor club representatives.

"You know you have GEICO, Allstate, all these folks that are bringing their folks out to tell us how to submit invoices, what extra things we can bill for, what's not billable, how to just go through the process and that's what everybody wants to know: how to get paid and how to get the most out of every call we go out on for these motor clubs," said Chacon. "The only way you can learn all that is to actually come down to a conference and sit in one and learn from the folks that actually write the checks."

The Getting Paid by the Motor Clubs Conference will take place at the American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 19-22.
By Don Lomax

Sava Redesign Increases Safety

ProductSava2 405f1Savatech now offers a second line of truck catch bags that utilize its patent-pending truck dimensions. New, longer hoses are standard and increase on-scene safety for operators who can stay out of the rigging area. A three-port aluminum manifold includes true connection to the commercial-grade blower. See this and other Sava offerings at the American Towman Exposition, November 19-22 in Baltimore, Md.
Currently, what services does your business offer besides towing?
Auto Body/Parts & Replacement
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Immune to [b]Flashing Lights?

A recent conversation on caught my eye, about the rash of vehicles crashing into tow trucks lately.

One tower responded that a possible reason could be that many emergency responders—not towers—seem to ride the roads and have their lights flashing all day. It may have the effect of motorists "becoming immune" to them and not paying as much attention to their importance.

As a motorist, I can see where this thinking is possible. To that tower's point, it's common (at least to me in New Jersey) to see flashing ambers on just about every commute—many times, there appears to be no roadside problem or work being done.

However, that can't be the only answer to this problem. Hopefully, more motorists will drive more attentively and less aggressively while following the Move Over law to make such accidents a thing of the past.
--Charles Duke
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CONGRATULATIONS!-Colin Leach and his new bride Allisha are pictured suspended on the back of a 2010 Peterbilt with Century 1075 rotator with Colin's father, 2014 American Towman Silver Star recipient Garry in the foreground. Colin and Allisha were married earlier this month. They broke out a new endless loop for the event so the bride's dress wouldn't get dirty. Who said chivalry is dead?
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