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American Towman Field Editor Randy Resch will present a power point presentation specific to law enforcement towers serving the Department of Public Safety on their highways during TowExpo International. Randy's session, "On-Scene Survival for Highway Responders," is designed to go hand-in-hand with the National Traffic Incident Management course now required of tow truck operators to enhance roadside safety.

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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJuly 29 - August 04, 2015

Countdown to [b]Tow Expo International

In just three short weeks, the towing industry will be descending on San Antonio, Texas, where Tow Expo International will take place August 13-15.

More than 100 major manufacturers of tow equipment and services will make their way to Tow Expo International to ply their trade. Many of the major motor club representatives as well as dispatch systems providers, GPS companies and equipment finance sources will also be on hand in San Antonio.

Three American Towman Conferences, including a special two-day Repossession Conference sponsored by Dynamic, will feature top industry leaders from across the country related to repo work, municipal towing and tow operations.

Operators looking to expand their towing and recovery knowledge can do so in San Antonio with the light- and medium-duty training that will be provided by WreckMaster on Friday and Saturday.

Tow Expo International will include industry events and hospitalities such as Friday night's Miller Industries Recovery Show, the Ten-Gallon Casino Night and the Big Smoke sponsored by Sava at the Historic Menger Hotel. Kids will have their own special area on the show floor with the Kids Korral, sponsored by GEICO.

It will culminate Saturday with the USA Wrecker Pageant ceremony co-sponsored by SpeedTech Lights and American Towman, and the "Booms in the Sky" Barbecue featuring a performance by towing's troubadour, Mike Corbin, and hosted by Southwest Tow Operators and American Towman.

The exhibit hours for Tow Expo International are August 14, noon to 6 p.m. and August 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Be sure to register while there's still time at!

Towers Donate [b]Amidst Complaints

As angry car owners in Cajon Pass, Calif., flooded social media with complaints that they had been charged $1,000 or more in towing fees in the recent I-15 freeway firestorm, at least two tow companies donated part of their services.

Richard Monroy, the manager of Gonzales Tow in Victorville, released a statement June 18.

"Our company does not operate on people's hopelessness," Monroy's statement said, "and any illegal activity or overcharging," he said. "We understand the public's concerns and decided we will not be a tow company who will profit from the obvious situation."

He said that the time involved clearing vehicles from the freeway will be donated to San Bernardino County.

Gloria Chairez, who owns the AZX Auto Transport operation in Fontana, had a powerful message aimed at tow companies accused of gouging victims whose cars had to be towed.

"They should be mad at the towing companies," she said. "I own my own car carrier company. I went up to carry their cars down for free because it was the right thing to do."

She said the CHP asked for volunteers to help clear the vehicles from the site to a dirt lot near the Highway 138 turnoff. Owners were forced to abandon their cars during the storm.

"The owners of the vehicles were told to leave their keys so their cars could be moved yet most didn't," she said. "I couldn't believe the tow companies were literally clawing and fighting for those vehicles, adding up the dollars at each one they obtained."

"They are a sorry part of my industry," she added.

California Highway Patrol officials quickly acted on the multiple complaints, opening an investigation into the allegations.

"We called in several tow companies we had on rotation," Inland CHP spokesman Steve Carpia said. "When we learned of the complaints we began to investigate, eventually resolving this issue."

Twenty vehicles were destroyed on the freeway by flames when drivers couldn't escape the fire and 10 more were damaged, officials said.

By Don Lomax

Sava's Mini Hazmat-Plug Kit

SavaKit 102b0Sava's Hazmat pipe plugs are designed to work fast on leaks and are made of special rubber that is suitable for chemicals and flammables. The inflatable plugs seal pipes from the inside; pipe plugs also seal round holes in tanks, barrels or pipes from the outside. See this and other Sava offerings at Tow Expo International, August 13-15, 2015, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.
Currently, what services does your business offer besides towing?
Auto Body/Parts & Replacement
Heavy Equipment Hauling
Roadside Repairs
Other (Accident Remediation, Storage, Car Rental, etc, )

The Impressive Rotator

A piece of equipment that I've been most impressed with is the rotator. When I first saw it some 20 to 25 years ago, I didn't realize how positive an impact it would have on the industry. Today many tow companies have at least one, with several companies having as many as three or four.

Yeah, they're pricey; but look at the value and utility they've brought to those companies owning one. With quick clearance being a growing trend in the industry, they've more than proven their worth.

The August issue of American Towman magazine is going to have a great feature on rotators, and it should answer the questions of those companies "on the fence" about purchasing one.
--Charles Duke
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More than 100 exhibitors and three conferences highlight Tow Expo International, taking place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, August 13-15.
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