Online Wrecker Auction Scheduled

Tow Trucks of America, a division of, has scheduled its first online wrecker auction for October 30, 2014. Individual tow truck owners and distributors may post wreckers, carriers or trailers into the online auction at

"Towers who have wreckers sitting idle in their lots have the option of selling it through our online auctions and receiving market value," said Joe Richard founder of and Tow Trucks of America (TTA).

A TTA auction will have trucks posted by many different sellers across the nation. Each auction is a live lightning round format with bidding in real time. Winning bidders purchase the tow truck directly from the seller and pick up the vehicle from the seller's lot. is the towing industry's exclusive online auction service for unclaimed vehicles. Tow Trucks of America and its auction format serves tow trucks and heavy equipment exclusively.

Township Impound Fee Sees $45 Increase

Redford, Mich., has raised the town's impound fee to $65 a vehicle, according to a recent vote. The fee represents an increase in the town's previous fee of $20, set in 2007.

However, the town's board debated whether or not the fee should be higher and if the town should open its municipal towing for bids.

One company, North Redford Towing, currently handles all the township police department's towing—but without a contract.

Redford Police Chief Eric Pahl said to the board that the Michigan Towing Association is against bidding out for towing "as it opens it up to unethical companies." Pahl also stated that the township is "better positioned to not have a contract," citing that the township could "walk away."

Two other town trustees thought the process wasn't transparent enough, and felt soliciting proposals would allow the township to make sure the fees are appropriate.

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Auto Loader Wheel Lift

Liftandtow aeec2Lift and Tow's Auto Loader Wheel Lift is an American-made, heavy-duty under-the-truck wheel lift designed for professional repossession agents. For more on Lift and Tow, see them in Booth 1276 at the AT Expo in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 21-23.
By Don Lomax
Currently, the driver turnover rate for my company every two years is:
1) less than 10%
2) between 10-20%
3) between 20-30%
4) more than 30%
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As the World Turns...

I think we'd all agree that information is a vital part of our world functioning. Yet, there are some people who won't take the time to fill out a survey, answer a poll question, or even share a "What would you do?" response. We all have our reasons; but do you ever consider how the information collected might benefit YOU in the long run? The information isn't always for a sales pitch down the road. Think about it, and consider that what YOU know keeps this world spinning.

--Charles Duke
Miller Industries Takes Charity to New Levels
Maybe you've heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge? But here's a new twist --Our friends at Miller Industries in Ooltewah, TN used the boom of a wrecker to dump ice cold water on their staff ...All in the name of Charity! And they're challenging you to do the same. Watch to see how Miller Industries is creatively raising money for both ALS research and the Survivor Fund at the International Towing & Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN. This video is brought to you by, the site that makes your profitable online vehicle auctions a snap.
The End of Towing
Take a look at this, but don't lay down your J-Hooks just yet. You may want to be ready to adjust if automobiles as we know it go the way of the horse drawn carriage sooner than later.
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