Towers Head to Baltimore

Twelve-thousand towmen and tow women are expected in Baltimore this weekend according to advance-registration figures for the 26th annual American Towman Exposition.

"They are registered from all 50 states and 20 countries," said Miriam Ortiz, AT Expo registration manager.

AT Expo became the industry's premier tow show worldwide in its very first year in 1989. Since then its audience has gradually grown in spite of an industry that has not. The towing industry has seen no growth in its numbers of tow companies and the trade show industry in general has had a challenging time growing audiences in the age of Internet commerce. Yet, the American Towman Exposition not only continues to grow, but its attendance spiked significantly last year, and will increase again this weekend.

AT Expo's President Doc Calitri cites three reasons for the recent attendance growth.

"Adding a third exhibit day, Friday, made the show more accessible to more people in the trade. At the same time, Tow Industry Week was born and has helped spread awareness about the show and all its events. And American Towman Magazine has continued to grow in its popularity. These are the main reasons why attendance has spiked."

PSP Adding Program Towers to Lists

The Pennsylvania State Police is extending an invitation to all towing service providers who participated in the AutoReturn pilot program to be added to the tow lists and call rotations at the troops and stations they provided towing services for during the pilot program.

According to a letter from Pennsylvania Lt. Colonel George Bivens sent to the Pennsylvania Towing Association, service providers who did not participate in the pilot program but provided towing services for the PSP prior will be invited to rejoin PSP's network of providers at the discretion of the PSP. Those providers who accept will immediately be added to the appropriate tow list(s).

Additionally, towers who participated in the program but did not tow for the PSP prior will be required to pass an inspection of their equipment and facilities within 180 days of the end of the program. Companies that did not participate in the pilot program but opt to rejoin PSP's towing network will be required to pass a re-inspection of their equipment and facilities within 180 days of rejoining.

"I would like to thank the Pennsylvania Towing Association for its valued insight and feedback during the TPA Towing Pilot Program," said Lt. Colonel Bivens. "The PSP is dedicated to exploring ways to improve the management and administration of towing services and dispatch, while addressing the concerns of all affected stakeholders.

"The secret is uniting together and say no," said Gwen Null of Null's Towing in Cochranville, Pa. "That is what the boys in the pilot area did. We might be business rivals, but in a situation like this, the strength in numbers, the united spirit, this is what made the pilot unsuccessful. A special thanks to the towers in the pilot area who said no, to the towers who reported the truth of how they were treated, the fire companies who took a stand, the legislators who supported the towers, and to the troopers who spoke the truth, the truth that was finally heard by the PSP brass."
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Monster Vulcan [b]at a Monster Show

n-Miller-Inds-Tow-Spotlight ea95aYou don't want to miss seeing this monster of a Vulcan wrecker inside the Miller Industries booth during the "Monster of all tow shows," the American Towman Expo in Baltimore, Md., this week. The show floor opens Friday and closes Sunday. Be there!
By Don Lomax
What I'd like to see more of in tow show seminar programs is
1) how to operate and use the latest towing equipment
2) how to streamline the operation of my company
3) management techniques and strategies
4) how to identify more revenue opportunities
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Are Drivers Obsolete?

In a day when something called Google is pioneering the driverless automobile and when human beings are becoming obsolete in the labor force, in both manufacturing and service industries, one trade in particular is defying the trend, towing and recovery. Not only with the work they do, but in the way they interact within its market, towers are very much there.

AT Expo this November 21–23 is proof. While trade show audiences in other industries have withered in the face of Internet commerce, the American Towman Exposition continues to grow. Once again, a record crowd in expected with this year's advance-registration the highest in the Exposition's history.

--Steven Calitri
See 2 Century 1150S Rotators in Action
We take you inside the Heavy-Duty Recovery Demo which took place in Las Vegas during the American Towman ShowPlace. Legendary Training Professional John Hawkins, of Miller Industries, takes us through the exercise - watch and learn. This video is brought to you by Miller Industries, The World's Largest Manufacturer of Towing and Recovery Equipment producing many the industries leading brands including, Century, Vulcan, Holmes, Challenger, Champion, Eagle, Jige and Boniface. For more information, visit
A.T. Welcome/Dinner Cruise
Celebration is a big part of AT Expo. It starts Thursday night with AT's Welcome Cruise featuring an appearance by Mike Corbin singing the Towman Ballads. Enjoy dinner and then roam on the Spirit of Baltimore as it cruises the Inner Harbor. A great way to kick off the American Towman Experience at AT Expo XXVI.
AT Exposition 2014
AT Exposition 2014
Monster Vulcan V-30,
Monster Vulcan V-30 -

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Getting in the spirit of the Monster Tow Show, Miller Industries shows off its specially-painted Vulcan V-30 highlighting this year's theme of the upcoming American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, Md., November 21-23.
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