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Three body manufacturers will give live demos in Las Vegas
Recovering over 50,000-lbs. from a 70-percent grade driveway
Markets Class 8 chassis in U.S. for first time
Tow company says contract was arbitrarily cancelled
SDR Towing has interesting design of decals on trucks
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In his seminar, “Using Technology to Reduce Liability,” Daniel Young of U.S. Fleet Tracking will illustrate how problems can be avoided with the proper technology. He will show what to look for in a vendor as it relates to GPS tracking and dash cams, reviewing the pros and cons of each and how proper research can help reduce liability and cost. This informative Management Conference seminar will occur during Tow Industry Week, May 9-12 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Register today!
Spirit stops at AAA headquarters and then relays to West Palm Beach as it Rides through Florida
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in Towing

New Arizona Law Limits Practices

A new law signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey cracks down on bad behavior by Arizona towing companies. Under the new law, companies cannot: refuse to release a vehicle; demand cash; tow a car unnecessarily to remote lots; charge without providing a list of fees; close at odd hours; require payment to examine the vehicle or remove personal property; count the days in storage strangely; ignore rules in different cities; blame a rogue employee; and get away without prosecution. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
Image - Courtney McNaull,

Aber's Towing Expands

Having outgrown its current location, Aber's Towing & Crane Service in Ashland, Ohio, is expanding. Leaders and employees of the company were joined by city and county officials as well as representatives from the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Secretary of State's office for a groundbreaking ceremony sponsored and hosted by Ashland Area Economic Development. "Over the last couple of years, we have grown the specialized transportation division of our company, and with that we've also grown the towing and the crane department," said Aaron Aber, owner of the company. "So with all three different divisions growing, we have run out of room at our current facility ... so we need more shop space as well as exterior parking space." Source:

Ex-Deputy Police Chief Sentenced

Former Detroit, Michigan, Deputy Police Chief Celia Washington was sentenced to a year and a day in prison for accepting nearly $4,000 in cash bribes from a tow owner who conducted much of his company's business in Detroit. Washington was also ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and undergo two years of supervision upon her release from prison. Washington, who oversaw municipal towing permits, was accused of rigging rotations in certain precincts so that six companies owned by Gasper Fiore would receive preferred contracts. Source:
Aber's Towing Expands
Groundbreaking ceremony held Wednesday in Ashland, Ohio
New Arizona Law Limits Practices
There are 10 new rules Arizona tow companies must follow
Ex-Deputy Police Chief Sentenced
Sentenced for accepting nearly $4,000 in bribes

Towmen Just Want to 'Get Back Home'

Owner-operators from several area towing companies plus representatives from businesses and government agencies whose personnel work on busy roadways and highways gathered in the parking lot of Excel Body Works in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on April 13 for the Spirit Ride ceremony.

Derek Smith came with an entourage from his family-owned business Smith's Auto Service.

"I was riding in a wrecker since I can remember," Smith said. "I wish people would pay more attention out on the road. We're just out there trying to help people get home safely and all we want to do is get back home, too."

Smith said working a traffic wreck is much safer than being alone on the side of the road with a disabled motorist.

"When you're at a wreck, you have all the law enforcement around with their blue lights on and people generally stop or slow down. When you're out by yourself with a stranded driver they don't pay you much attention," Smith said.

The Spirit Ride continues on its journey this week with one stop in South Carolina and rolls on to sunny Florida after that. Ceremonies will take place this week at: Towing Recovery Association of South Carolina (Aiken, South Carolina) and John's Towing (St. Augustine, Florida), April 18; AAA (Orlando), April 19; Sheehan's Towing (West Palm Beach) and Zuccala Wrecker Service (Boynton Beach), April 20; Emerald Transportation Corp. (Pompano Beach), April 21; and G&C Automotive & Towing (Bonita Springs) and J&W Towing (Lehigh Acres), April 24.

To see the complete 2018 Spirit Ride schedule, go to

Sources:; AT Staff.
Spirit Ride Update:
2018 Relay Begins in North Carolina
• April 09 - April 16, 2018

Be Aware. [b]Be Astute.

Seriously, how much do towmen look after their health? I'm not just talking about annual visits to the doctor for a yearly physical or a visit to take care of a sustained injury. I'm talking about health-related issues brought on by prolonged exposure and stress.

I bring this up because Tow Industry Week in Las Vegas will be addressing the latter in its Health, Safety and Wellness Conference. Three seminars dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, driver intoxication and exposure to Fentanyl and blood-borne pathogens will be the topics of discussion.

There will also be a two-hour certification course, "Reasonable Suspicion," that is designed to provide a safe, drug-free workplace for all tow business owners. That will cover the indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances. American Alliance Drug Testing of Upland, California, will conduct the course.

There are a lot of risks out there on the road. Some you see, such as semis barreling down the road at 80-plus miles per hour. Others are more passive and manifest themselves in ways that sneak up on you.

Be aware. The Health, Safety and Wellness Conference will assist you in being more astute. More information on the Conference and the "Reasonable Suspicion" course is available at

--Charles Duke
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Dynamic's 755 Series

755 New 3bd9bDynamic's 755 Series offers a very capable 5,500-lbs. fully extended self-loading wheel lift that can be outfitted with frame forks and is tow rated at 8,000 lbs. The 755 is also equipped with a 60" one-piece steel body and a self-centering cross bar. With 8,000-lbs. planetary winches, it comes with a standard 4 year warranty. Come see all that Dynamic has to offer at the American Towman ShowPlace, May 9-11 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
By Don Lomax
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My business makes most of its money from:
law enforcement/gov’t contract towing
third-party dispatch/motor club towing
recovery and transport towing
private property towing
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