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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMay 17 - May 23, 2017

Suspect Nabbed by Employee

A thief chose the wrong Cleveland, Ohio, business to target. Mechanic Chris McChristian was pulling up to K&M Towing Garage on his motorcycle when he noticed a strange man driving away with one of the tow trucks. "I said, 'Who are you?' And he sped off," said McChristian. As the would-be thief hurried away, McChristian chased him and forced him to pull over. "I made him drive it back," said McChristian. K&M owner Dwayne Webb happens to be a police officer. He placed the suspect under arrest. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
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Drug Exposure Concerns Company

Last week, an East Liverpool, Ohio, policeman overdosed on the job after coming into contact with a few grains of Fentanyl. Now tow companies are wondering how vulnerable they are. "The first thought into my mind is after EMS has left and police officers and you have had an OVI crash because of someone using. That tow truck driver may be at risk to an exposure to Fentanyl," said Davidson's Garage owner Cindy Davidson. After realizing just how easy it is to overdose, Davidson called other companies. "I've been calling out to other garages, making them aware of my concerns. They are all going, 'Oh, I never thought of that.' " Davidson contacted the Ohio attorney general, hoping that resources can be made available for towmen, mechanics and collision repair shops. Source:

Waller Joins Deep South Wrecker

Deep South Wrecker recently announced George Waller as its newest sales representative. Waller graduated from Georgia College State University with a B.A. in management. He has 10 years of experience in medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck sales. Currently residing in Foley, Ala., Waller will be servicing the Florida panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana areas. Source:
Drug Exposure Concerns Company
Ohio company owner has contacted state attorney general seeking help
Suspect Nabbed by Employee
Tries to steal tow truck—from business owned by policeman
Waller Joins Deep South Wrecker
Sales rep will service the Florida panhandle and other areas

Spirit Ride Takes Historic Maiden Run

Following a ceremony on May 11 dedicated to fallen first responders, the ceremonial casket called "Spirit" went on its maiden run through Las Vegas, Nev., Saturday morning, May 13.

Led by Big Valley Towing carrying Spirit, 25 trucks joined the Ride, the first of more than 200 processions planned for the next 16 months across the nation. The Spirit Ride will pass through some 2,000 municipalities, relaying the casket in over 200 towns and cities with over 4,000 tow companies participating.

In 2011, Big Valley Towing's owner Dan Collins was struck and killed by a passing truck while he was working on the shoulder. His wife, Debbie, president of Big Valley today, went along for Saturday's Ride. Collins and thousands of other towers who have been casualties while working on the roadways is the reason for the Spirit Ride and its mission: Promote public awareness of the Mover Over laws.

For more information go to
American Towman TV • Emily Oz Reports • May 17 - May 23, 2017

Like Water Down the Drain

I'm noticing a small trend in regards to seminars that has me perplexed.

If you've paid money to attend seminars at a trade show where valuable information is being disseminated related to your trade, why would you continuously show up late to sessions?

Sure, there are instances where there are pressing issues. Accidents are still happening, and the shop needs your input on handling it.

However, I can't believe that's always the case.

The conferences and their corresponding seminars are designed to broaden the towman's horizon. They are meant to prepare the towman to be the absolute best professional he or she can be and grow his or her business. Continuously showing up late means you miss out.

Think of it like this: Go to your kitchen sink and run the faucet for 30 seconds. With the faucet still running, cup your hands and place it under for the next 20 seconds.

With the water representing "knowledge taught," this exercise meant that you've missed out on most of what was being presented. Taking it further, with the water representing your money that you've paid for the seminar—it's water that, literally and figuratively, went down the drain.

Sometimes it can't be helped, but try to get to the sessions on time. The one who stands to benefit most ... is YOU!
--Charles Duke
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Triple K Industries

1111 ac88aThe Triple K Industries Towing Underlift is designed to attach to any fifth-wheel attachment, making it a convenient addition to your towing systems for trucks or tow truck. The attachment has a lift rating of 45,000 lbs. when it is in the fully retracted position, and when fully extended, it has a lift rating of 24,000 lbs., making it versatile and capable of lifting and towing even the heaviest machines. Be sure to come see what Triple K Industries has to offer at Tow Expo Dallas, August 17-19 at the Gaylord Texan Resort, Grapevine, Texas.
By Don Lomax
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