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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingOctober 19 - October 25, 2016

Vote Postponed on Tow Contracts

The Holyoke, Mass., City Council on Tuesday declined to vote on whether to override a veto issued by Mayor Alex B. Morse of an ordinance that sought to change how towing vendors are hired. The council tabled it for a future meeting. The council president has said that campaign contributions made by tow company owners and employees create an image of "pay to play." The ordinance would require the mayor to announce in the form of an advertisement such as a legal notice that he is awarding the towing contract. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau

Toro Road Runners Opens New Location

Toro Road Runners has opened a new location in San Jose, Calif. They will offer local, long-distance, light-duty, heavy-duty, flatbed, dolly and motorcycle towing. "We're thrilled to add this new San Jose location to our portfolio," said Toro Road Runners' marketing manager, Brandon Dillinger. "Today's drivers need the reassurance of fast, efficient service from a friendly team—and we're incredibly passionate about providing this around the clock. ... We look forward to adding more locations in the coming months!" Source:

Towman Assists in Arrest

Alexander James Couture, 22, of Brighton, Mass., was arrested after a police search for a stolen car out of a tow yard in Brighton. The vehicle was a grey Audi, and a tow truck driver from the yard was following it. Police found the cars stopped at an intersection. The towman turned on his yellow oscillating lights, opened the door and yelled, "That's the car!" Police pulled the car over and arrested Couture, who was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and other charges. Source:
Toro Road Runners Opens New Location
California tow company adds San Jose to their roster
Vote Postponed on Tow Contracts
Holyoke, Mass., city council tables overriding mayor’s veto
Towman Assists in Arrest
Helps nab alleged thief who stole Audi from lot

American Towman, CTTA: 5-Year Pact

The California Tow Truck Association has entered into a five-year agreement with American Towman magazine, beginning with the 2017 Tow Industry Week and American Towman ShowPlace-Las Vegas next May.

By bringing its annual convention, which includes leadership meetings, conferences and a formal membership banquet to Las Vegas, CTTA will forego its own exhibit-based show that has been held annually and for the past several years alternated between Reno, Nev., and San Diego, Calif.

"We are thrilled to join Tow Industry Week and the American Towman ShowPlace-Las Vegas," said Terry Warford, CTTA's president. "We think we will add significantly to the Tow Industry Week, an event that has gained national stature in our industry, and also benefit from its success and marketing power.

"Working with American Towman will help CTTA control its convention costs and also help grow its membership, while giving it a greater platform. The arrangement will also help CTTA to focus on its primary mission: building a more successful towing industry in the great state of California," Warford said.

"CTTA is one of the industry's largest state associations," Henri "Doc" Calitri, president of AT Expo Corp. "The association has a stellar reputation and track record for strengthening its members in California. Working with CTTA will offer many mutual benefits. AT ShowPlace has drawn well from all the Western states, particularly California. Bringing the CTTA Convention into this event will only strengthen our attendance. "

Our goal is to help CTTA grow its membership, realize fund-raising opportunities, and engage with towers from California and state officials critical to its members' success," Calitri said.
TOW ILLUSTRATEDWRECKS + RECOVERYNewsTOW BUSINESS & OPERATIONSPRODUCT is an on-demand roadside assistance service designed for the on-demand economy and the connected car revolution. Currently serving over 200,000 drivers, their roadside assistance experience is provided without a subscription or membership fee. See what has to offer at the American Towman Exposition, Nov. 18-20 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.
By Don Lomax
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Key Reason to Attend Tow Show:
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American Towman TV
Emily Oz Reports • October 19 - October 25, 2016

What Did He Say?

Let's take a breather and visit "the lighter side" for a minute.

Every industry has its own lingo. If I were to say "dingers," "charts" and "arbs," a baseball player, a musician and a media personality (respectively) would get what I was saying right away. Taking it further, those words may even have different meanings in other industries.

What are some phrases or words that are unique to the towing industry—something that only people "on the inside" would know?

E-mail me your answer to me at, and we'll print the best ones here in Tow Industry Week next week.

Until then, I'm "gonna tip." (You have to answer me first, then I'll reveal what that is).
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