Hino Celebrates 30 [b]Years In the U.S.

Hino Trucks is celebrating its 30th anniversary in business in the United States. Founded in 1984 as a limited distributorship, Hino currently has a dealer network of more than 200 parts, assembly and manufacturing facilities in Williamstown, W.V., and Marion, Ark., with eight locations throughout the country.

"While we are proud of our many accomplishments," said Hino VP Glenn Ellis, "the legacy of Hino Trucks over its first 30 years is not defined by the numbers it has accumulated, but by the lives it has touched in its journey."

He added that Hino Trucks is looked upon as "a trusted business partner that can be counted on as a steadying presence in a volatile economic environment."

Hino President/CEO Yoshinori Noguchi said, "It is a great honor for me to celebrate this anniversary as the president of Hino Motors Sales U.S.A. While many things have changed since 1984, our goals have always remained the same: to create the most innovative, high-quality products in our industry. I am excited about this journey and believe the best is yet to come."

Source: www.hino.com

San Francisco Looks to Control Tow Fees

San Francisco (Calif.) Supervisor Scott Wiener held a hearing Oct. 23 to discuss current fees and policies that require victims of auto thefts to pay a hefty amount to retrieve towed stolen vehicles.

Representatives from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco Police Department, and AutoReturn, the private towing management company that currently holds a contract with the city, met with Wiener and other supervisors to discuss how any new contract with AutoReturn could be modified to decrease or get rid of the cost to victims of auto theft. AutoReturn's contract with San Francisco is up for renewal in 2015.

Currently, when San Francisco police find an illegally parked stolen car, they call the owner and give them 20 minutes to retrieve the car. If the owner doesn't appear, the car is towed and the victim of the car theft must then go to an AutoReturn lot to retrieve the car.

The car's owner then has to pay towing and storage fees in order to retrieve their vehicle. City residents with vehicles registered in the city have four hours to recover their vehicles before AutoReturn begins charging a storage fee. However, there is no grace period for non-residents.

About 1,400 San Francisco residents and about 1,100 non-residents were victims of auto theft within the city and had to pick up the towed stolen vehicles through AutoReturn in 2014, according to a city financial services and contracts manager.

As a result, AutoReturn collected about $531,000 related to stolen vehicle towing and storage fees in San Francisco during that same period.

John Pendleton, the chief technology officer at AutoReturn, spoke at the hearing and described how other jurisdictions where the company operates handle the issue of stolen vehicle costs.

He said that in some cities the victim doesn't incur any expense, while in others, the victim incurs a portion of the expense or the full amount.

Pendleton also said that comprehensive car insurance sometimes provides coverage for the financial burden incurred by the victim.

A member of the public who spoke at the hearing aired his grievances regarding the process of getting his car stolen and then having to pay fines first to AutoReturn and then the police department, leaving him feeling "victimized three times over."

Wiener said the hearing left him confident that the new city contract with AutoReturn could do more to protect victims of car theft.

Source: http://sfbay.ca
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Icom Saves Fuel

ICOMF350.3 f7df1With Icom's Propane Liquid Injection Systems for the Towing Industry, the company said you could reduce fuel costs 30 percent with propane auto gas, a domestic fuel source. Learn more about their products at the Icom booth during the American Towman Expo in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 21-23.
By Don Lomax
What could you do better as an owner to retain drivers?
1) provide more advancement opportunities
2) improve my training techniques
3) be more attuned to my drivers' needs
4) provide better compensation
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Are You Ready?

In many parts of the country, the industry is about to enter the busiest time of year. Inclement weather brings forth opportunity in the towing business, and right now is the time the tow boss needs to take inventory of the company's preparedness. Are you set for the long haul?

Whatever this season brings, be the type of business that's ready to handle anything and everything that comes your way. Know what your drivers can handle—and what they can't. Play to what THEIR roadside strengths are. Make sure your equipment is ready for optimum performance, and that you have what you need on hand.

Above all, be safe out there. Know that you bring the knowledge, wisdom and experience to get the job done.

--Charles Duke
See 2 Century 1150S Rotators in Action
We take you inside the Heavy-Duty Recovery Demo which took place in Las Vegas during the American Towman ShowPlace. Legendary Training Professional John Hawkins, of Miller Industries, takes us through the exercise watch and learn. This video is brought to you by Miller Industries, The World's Largest Manufacturer of Towing and Recovery Equipment producing many the industries leading brands including, Century, Vulcan, Holmes, Challenger, Champion, Eagle, Jige and Boniface. For more information, visit www.MillerInd.com
A.T. Welcome/Dinner Cruise
Celebration is a big part of AT Expo. It starts Thursday night with AT's Welcome Cruise featuring an appearance by Mike Corbin singing the Towman Ballads. Enjoy dinner and then roam on the Spirit of Baltimore as it cruises the Inner Harbor. A great way to kick off the American Towman Experience at AT Expo XXVI.
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