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200,000+ emergency responders now TIM-trained
Truck honors memory of lost loved one
Tricky recovery as truck lost rear axle in accident
"Spot delivery" is illegal in Michigan; story tells why
Rechargeable light lasts 18 hours
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Towers who have no clue about their truck and equipment ratings are a disaster waiting to happen. In his seminar Towing Equipment that Goes "Boom!," Dave Lambert of the North American Towing Academy will cover truck and equipment ratings, and the capabilities and limitations of both. capabilities and limitations of both. Lambert's seminar will take place at the American Towman Exposition, November 18-20 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingAugust 17 - August 23, 2016

AAA: Higher Call Volume

A report from AAA shows a record number of drivers need help on the road—many of them drivers in newer cars. AAA rescued a record 32 million drivers in 2015, commonly with battery or tire issues and its newer vehicles that are having problems. AAA said newer technologies in cars are contributing to breakdowns. "All the electronics on cars today will drain the battery more quickly ... the life expectancy rate of a battery is only three years," said AAA spokesperson John Townsend.
From the American Towman News Bureau
Mark Palmer. Photo credit -

Towman Called Hero on I-95 Accident

Drivers are recounting the harrowing moments when a semi carrying inch-thick sheets of glass lost its load on I-95 in Petersburg, Va., on Tuesday. Those who saw the glass come smashing down onto the roadway said they were surprised no one was hurt. Bubby Bish, with Southside Virginia Emergency Crew, believes the quick thinking of Mark Palmer from B&T Towing in Colonial Heights likely prevented accidents since broken glass was scattered across three southbound lanes as well as nearly 600 feet down the northbound lanes. "I merged over to the left shoulder," Palmer said, "came around traffic and blocked two and a half to three lanes of traffic, just to keep people from driving through it." Bish said, "To me, he made a big difference in the scene. To me, he's a hero." Source:

Utah Towman Fatally Crushed

A tower died Sunday night when he was crushed between his rig and a parked RV in Salt Lake City, Utah. Police identified the deceased as Tommy Zamora, 47. Police said Zamora apparently had left his truck to speak with an acquaintance when he noticed the vehicle was in gear and moving. He reportedly tried to get back behind the wheel, but was caught between the driver's side door and the RV before he could get completely inside. Source:
Towman Called Hero on I-95 Accident
Mark Palmer of B&T Towing went into action
AAA: Higher Call Volume
Technology on newer cars causing call spikes
Utah Towman Fatally Crushed
Killed trying to re-enter unit still in gear

Tow Expo-Dallas [b]Records Biggest Show

Tow Expo drew its largest crowd in the 20-year history of the show this past Aug. 4-6. Attendance was up 25 percent over last year's record draw in San Antonio. 130 exhibitors filled the Arlington Convention Center, making it also the biggest show ever to take place in the Southwest.

"We expect attendance to grow over the next few years from a population base that is three times what San Antonio had to draw from," said Doc Calitri, president of AT Expo Corp., the show's producer. "That and the easy access into the Dallas-Fort Worth airport all point to a solid prospect of growth."

Tow Expo 2016 was busy with activities for three days, including light-, medium- and heavy-duty training, recovery demos from Miller Industries, educational seminars produced by American Towman Magazine, and the traditional American Towman hospitality, including a Centennial Celebration saluting 100 years of Towing.


Lodar 4f395By using a remote radio wireless transmitter, Lodar Industrial Radio Wireless Remote Controls will allow a winch system or any other industrial application to be remotely controlled up to 1000ft/300m away. The receiver is mounted by the winch and receives signals from the transmitter, subsequently operating the solenoids or valves instantaneously. Come see what Lodar has to offer at the American Towman Exposition, Nov. 18-20 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.
By Don Lomax
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If I had my way, industry trade shows would take place:
Five-day event (Monday - Friday)
Middle of the week (Tues., Wed., Thurs.)
Weekends (Sat., Sun.)
End of the week (Fri., Sat.)

Why You're [b]"THE BOSS"

Wouldn't it be nice if life was ... orderly?

Say you have a fleet of three units. One call comes in, you send out Unit No. 1. A second call comes in, there goes Unit No. 2. A third call comes in, and Unit No. 3 gets it as Unit No. 1 comes back. As Unit No. 1 parks, here comes your fourth call. And so on ...

Ah yes, utopia.

Well, hate to disturb this wonderful daydream—but we all know this is not reality.

A day at the job is never orderly. You get demands seemingly from everywhere and from every direction. Some of them dictate that you drop that important project you're working on for a more immediate "important project."

You deal with it because there's something that lets you know that, through it all, you're going to get it all done. Sure, there's here-and-there worry and anxiety—but nothing your tough hide can't handle.

It's simply who you are. It's simply why you're "THE BOSS."
--Charles Duke
ATTV Oz Reports
August 17 - August 23, 2016
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